Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Most Special Visit

We were so happy to have Katie and Claire pay us a visit. They just left this morning and I hardly know what to do with myself! It was so fun to spend some time with this sweet little one that we love so much. How precious they are and how short this time is when they are so tiny and so dependent. Claire has such a sweetness about her, but also a distinct ability to let us all know who is definitely in charge...and it's HER! But that's ok...we were happy to wait on her hand and foot. Katie and Joseph are wonderful parents and are doing a great job balancing all of their many obligations. We were talking last night about how things have changed. Katie was remarking how everything she does now is in light of Claire, that all her needs are most important. It is an amazing change that we go through when we take on this parenting responsibility.
Claire and Grandpa Bowerman participating in a little "rest and relaxation".
Claire is the cutest little "bug"...personality plus!!
My next door neighbor came over yesterday with this darling little outfit...fits perfectly!
More chilling with Grandpa...so fun to see Rich embrace this new roll! We remarked many times while she was here that she most definitely looks like her daddy, Joseph, but here I think she looks a tad bit like her Grandpa!
Claire loves, loves, loves to be wrapped up nice and tight to be put to sleep. I just loved rocking, rocking, and rocking some more. Such a sweet time...thank you Joseph for letting two of your favorite girls in the world come spend some time in Edwardsville!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sweet Baby Claire...Can Hardly Wait To See Her!!

Don't you just want to squeeze and hug and love this little one? I can hardly wait to see her next Wednesday. We're counting down the hours now! This is her 2 month old picture...too fun!