Sunday, October 26, 2008

From Now On If Anyone Asks...She's LATE!!

We woke up this morning and it is absolutely a gorgeous day! I've wanted to go up to the canyons and see the beauty and then decided that a good walk would be great for Katie!
So I said, "Joe, let's head up to the "Y". I've never hiked up there yet." I think Katie thought I was kidding, but nevertheless we headed for the trailhead.
These pictures are posting took us about an hour, but yes, we made it!
Here's Joseph encouraging Katie, or is it the other way around, up the final steps!
I guess what it comes down to is...maybe you don't want to use this woman as your birthing coach! We came home, went to church for a bit, and then all took a much needed nap! What a beautiful day...Claire, you can come any time, any time!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Congratulations Sarah Bear!

I was walking around an antique mall here in the Provo area today with Katie and I got this phone call from Sarah. It sounded like she was crying and I all of sudden became very worried. She was finally able to say, "I made 2nd chair in Symphonic Band!" This is something she has worried about and worked very hard for. Hard work pays off! Yeah Sarah! The rest of this year is going to be very fun and challenging at the same time. Oh yeah, and just in case you're looking for a fantastic (and I mean fantastic!) flute teacher, Heather Porter is the best! She has been such an encouragement to Sarah. Sarah looks forward to having her lessons and always wants to do her best for Heather. When you inspire your students to want to achieve their very best, you're doing something right as a teacher! Thank you so can never have too many positive role models for your children.

P.S. The contest continues...Claire is looking a little too comfortable inside Katie. Maybe the excitement of a BYU football game taking place in Provo tomorrow will inspire her to get with the program!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Guess Her Weight...Claire, Not The pumpkin!

OK, so it's a contest! I arrived in Provo almost a week ago, anxiously preparing for Claire's arrival. Needless to say, she hasn't made her appearance, but we all feel like it's getting closer by the hour. So this will be a QUICK contest. Let's see who can come the closest (without going over) to guessing what Claire's birth weight will be. The first picture is to give just a little perspective. I can't say how much the pumpkin weighs because it was just left on their doorstep, but it's a nice size.
So here's the official profile...5 days before her official due date of October 26th.
Like I mentioned, I've been here almost a week. We've spent a lot of time sewing, shopping, and getting things ready. We cleaned her condo really, really good on Monday hoping that somehow if we cleaned it would help. Unfortunately the doctor said it would probably be another week. More cleaning...just kidding. So, hey, what's your guess??

Sarah's Birthday and a Trip to Orlando!

Sarah's 15th Birthday came and went flying by on conference weekend! I can't believe baby is 15!! Rich brought her a sweet gift back from India. This elephant is so amazing! It's all one piece of stone and inside is carved a small baby elephant. How they did this through the lattice work is incredible. Rich, Sarah, and I took a quick trip to Orlando the week after conference. The "Magic Kingdom" is pretty much what we remember from all of our trips to Disneyland in California. Epcot was a blast and definitely a place we want to go back to. One of the places had cars you could get in and check out. Sarah is getting a little anxious to start driving...January is right around the corner! Here she is trying out a bright red Hummer...dream on baby girl, dream on!
Rich and I at Epcot...a beautiful day, but definitely pretty humid and hot!