Thursday, August 19, 2010

He's Here, He's Here, Baby Caleb Has Arrived!

I made it to Utah late Saturday night, August 14th - just in time for a fun get together at Jayne and Ta's fun to see Mandy and her sweet family, Jayne and Ta and Poppy, AND my oldest sister Sharon and also my sister Becky, plus Lindsay and all the Brewers. Too fun!

Last week was way exciting for the Brewer family. Joseph's dad was able to be in attendance at his graduation from BYU...a significant milestone...yay, yay, and double yay to my fantastic proud of him! I think he is so relieved and proud to be a graduate, but he is even more proud to be the father of a beautiful son...Caleb James Brewer...born Monday, August 16th. About 20 minutes before he was born all of us in the room started trying to guess what his weight would be. Joseph was right on the money...8 lb. 10 oz. Not bad for being a week early!
Katie's looking a little worn out in this pic, but she actually is feeling pretty darn good...compared to Claire's delivery, this one was a piece of cake. I'll spare you all the details and just say again what an incredibly wonderful experience it is to witness the birth of a child. Tears of relief and tears of joy just sprang to my eyes. I'm so proud of this little family!!
As previously mentioned, Joseph's dad was able to be here for his graduation and to meet baby Caleb. Earlier that day we went out and did some errands. Claire ADORES her Papa - particularly because he loves to give her rides on his shoulders! She was so cute putting her head down on top of his while we were going through the store.
Claire wasn't much for enjoying the hospital room, except for playing on the bed and with all of the buttons...we LOVE pushing buttons!
Can I just say how fantastic it is to meet a doctor that absolutely and thoroughly enjoys what he does??!! Dr. Holmes is so kind and soothing and patient...Katie is so lucky to be in such good hands! This is Dr. Holmes, proud papa Joseph, and baby Caleb!
Aunt Lindsay came over at the end of her work day just in time to be there for Caleb's birth! She's in love...again!
This is the most precious child! He actually looks pretty awake in this picture. That has been, so far, the biggest issue...getting him to wake up! He seems so mild, so content, so peaceful, and so clueless as to how much we are all in love with him!! Welcome sweet baby!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

August 6, 2010 - An Historic Day Indeed!!

It has been an historic least in the world of Lisa Bowerman! What could possibly make this an historic day one may wonder? Well, I filled out my LAST set of school registration papers and went over to Edwardsville High School with Sarah to register her as a SENIOR! Yahoo! And I have to say this - Edwardsville High School has it down to a science. I've gone to lots of schools and lots of registration days...we were in and out of there in about 15 minutes! Smooth!! So, the first pic is Christopher's Kindergarten picture.
Such a cutie!

And the following pics are of my baby girl as a SENIOR! These pictures were taken by our dear friend Katharine while we were out in Utah in June. I think they turned out so well. She captured Sarah's personality to a tee!

I can't say it enough, and I know she's tired of hearing it, but I am SO glad I have one more year left with this girl! We are going to have a great SENIOR year together!