Thursday, March 25, 2010

For the Love of Books!!

Monday morning, March 22nd, I headed to Utah! I have had so much fun visiting/playing/chasing/rocking/kissing/bathing/knocking on the wall/reading to Sweet Baby Claire! Need to explain the "knocking on the wall" part. Her crib is right up against the shared wall with the extra bedroom, where I sleep. In the morning she likes to lay in bed for awhile and kick the wall and play with her crib friends. We started carrying on a little conversation this morning, tapping back and forth on the wall before I finally went in to retrieve much fun.

Claire loves books, which pleases Grammy so much. We finally got a bin to keep a good majority of them in, knowing perfectly well that it had to be sturdy enough for her to climb in/throw/stand on, etc. Sure enough, she emptied all of the books, climbed in, and then pulled all of the books in on top of her.

Ah, books! Can't learn to love them soon enough!