Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mother's Day! I woke up several times last night...not sure if I slept at all after 1:30 a.m. actually. I just kept thinking about so many different things. For whatever reason, I was particularly thinking about my mom...and how much I miss her. How I still would love to talk with her and learn from her and cry on her shoulder and take care of her!
This is a picture taken probably not long before she was married in 1937. I remember her telling me that she had made the jacket that she was wearing out of stage curtains that were taken down out of a church building. She was pretty darn creative like that!
And here she is...with me!! I think this picture is flip flopped, and I think I'm wearing a crown that says Happy New Year...this is probably January 1961 and I am about 3 months old. I learned something while looking for this picture...there are not very many pictures of me with my mother. And that makes me a little sad. I, for one, do NOT like my picture taken, but I need to get over that. Maybe someone besides me will regret that some day. But that aside, I am so grateful for the dear sweet mother that blessed my life in so many ways.
I am SO blessed to be the mother to these five wonderful human beings!! Last night as I thought about my mom, I thought, too, about each one of these kids. Chris, married to his sweetheart Holly, going to school, getting an A in Trig (WOW!), and working away. Lindsay, working her creative heart out, continuing to further develop skills in graphic design, spending time getting physically fit, loving being an Aunt. Katie, supporting her good husband Joseph in his schooling and work, being a good little mom to Sweet Baby Claire, growing a new little Brewer, and continuing to learn new skills all along the way. Marshall, (we just talked with him and it was wonderful!) serving as a missionary in a far away country and loving the whole experience. Sarah, the newest Edwardsville High School drum major, finishing her junior year as strong as possible, and anticipating one very busy summer. Each one of them living their lives worthy to be found serving in the temple, serving in their respective congregations, keeping the commandments, reading their scriptures, continuing to learn, recognizing how blessed they are, and giving back. They are kind. They are so good. And I am so lucky!
Speaking of mothers...I just got back from spending some time with my 3 oldest sisters. Sharon is in the middle...she had 2 children before I was born. I was raised right along with her children. I was a couple of months old when Sally (far left) was married, and Mary (far right) was married when I was about 4. SO, these three sisters are very much like mothers to me...and I'm so glad we were able to get together. They are priceless to me!
And this just peony bush is about to explode! It's supposed to rain a good part of this week and I hope it will be ok! Thanks Rich and Sarah and the rest of the kiddos for making this a special day...and now I'm off to play a game called Urban Myth...hmmmmm....