Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun Week in Arizona...No Laughing!!

I just got back from a very fun trip to Arizona spending the week with 4 out of 5 of my sisters. Way, way too fun. My sister Sally has a great pool in her back yard and we were in and out of it tons of times. I am such a wimp when it comes to water being too cold...well, in Arizona when it's 106 outside, the water is perfect for me! We spent hours in the pool. Also did lots of beading, sewing, and several various projects around Sally's home.
Also, NO cooking is allowed (except for breakfast!). We hit all of our favorite places, taking turns with the bill. This was at the Landmark Inn...what a bargain!
This is my niece, Jill. We've been told for years how much we look and sound alike!
OK, so one of our favorite stores is Chicos. We especially like it when there are lots of sales...and there were LOTS of sales this time. You know you're sisters when you end up in the dressing room and at the cash register with the same shirt. Don't worry...this was when we got back home. Silly, silly.
Almost all of my sisters have become doggie lovers after having grown up with cats. Sally's little poodle, Sugar, was SO sweet. I want one just like her. She was such a cuddler. She is modeling some little shoes that Sally bought for my first grand-daughter. Sorry baby Claire, but Sugar got to wear them first.
NO laughing at this one! My nephew Mark has built (mostly by himself!) this incredible pool in his back yard. Wow, it will be THE place as his 4 kids continue to grow. We spent a wonderful afternoon there with lots of Sally's family. I got this crazy idea to jump off the "cliff" and talked my 70-year-old (yes 70!) sister into jumping with me. I couldn't believe she did it! Sharon has had a knee AND hip replacement. What a trooper and what a fun memory!


Heather & Nate said...

How fun!! You all are so cute. I heard Becky was in Arizona finally after we had been trying to reach her for a week. I loved the Chico picture, you are definately sisters. HAHA!!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you had so much fun! Next time we've got to get Trish there! Looks like she missed out on too much fun! It's great to see pictures of everyone--I haven't seen any of Trish's sisters, except you, for a long time!

" I Love My Life!" said...

Oh Lisa it looked like you had such fun with your sisters!
I cracked up at the picture where you all 3 had the same T-shirt on!
Thats way too funny.
I think you look SO beautiful!
And I loved the picture of you and your sister jumping off the rocks and into her pool! what fun.
I got to talk with Christopher the other day...we've talked a couple of times...he is just as great as always!
Talk to you soon

jon and kir said...

looks like you had so much fun!! I love hangin with my sisters too!!